Possible Console Applications XBone/PS4/WiiU/Switch

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Well, I sure ain't the best at writing suggestions but I will give it a go! My idea is that we could get apps for the store of that console (for example Nintendo E-shop or Microsoft Store). The reason this could benefit Monstercat and even the users them selves is 1. Monstercat would be able to open up to a new type of people A.K.A. the more middle class market of console users. 2. The way console users would benefit is they would be able to listen to monstercat without having to listen to ads on Spotify or Pandora. But, I have a method to my madness, my problem is that I play a lot of console and I use Spotify, and the ads come on at the worst times, if I could listen to my monstercat playlist on the app I could bypass the ads and it gives me more reason to keep my subscription. I believe PS$, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch would have about the same benefits, So thanks for your time, if possible everyone up vote,

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