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For the people who use their gold license, it would be great if there was a curated playlist, similar to the ones you have already, but with all the non-licensable tracks filtered out.

As well as this, or instead, it would be nice to have one big playlist with all the non-licensed tracks, or opposite up on iTunes/Spotify. For example, someone could use these playlists to filter already existing playlists. I'm unsure about Spotify, but iTunes has the feature to make so-called "smart playlists" which are song that all apply for a set of rules. in this case you could say to it "all songs that are in this X playlists, and is also in this Y playlist", Y playlist being a playlist that only has your licensable tracks on it.

This would be a very helpful tool for all the content creators out there. there are regular appearances of new licensees in #Gold on discord who ask if there is anything like this, and we keep saying to them that there isn't. Would we nice to be able to say there is

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