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Ever since the Uncaged/Instinct split I thought it would be cool to have a third sub-label. Since "Monstercat Uncaged" revolves around the more heavy side of EDM and "Monstercat Instinct" revolves around the more melodic and vocal driven side of EDM, I thought a third sub-label with the more Experimental side of EDM would be a good idea. This would open doors for artists like "Lorn", "Danger", "The Toxic Avenger" and maybe even "Draft Punk". The EDM industry is changing and experimental EDM is getting more and more popular. Experimental EDM doesn't just cover IDM, there's experimental Future Bass, Dubstep and Drumstep too. Just think about it, EDM is split into three major categories: Heavy, Melodic and Experimental. Since Monstercat already has heavy and melodic sub-labels so it would make sense to create an experimental one.

Suggested by: David Zach Upvoted: 25 Aug, '19 Comments: 0

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