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The way the releases including albums, mixes, podcasts, etc used to be zipped was inside of the archive was a folder with the track or albums name, inside of that folder was the audio file(s) with the cover file too.
The new format seems to be, archive with the raw audio files and cover dumped into it with no folder which means if you have more than one download and you attempt to mass "extract all" it'll dump all audio files into the folder and disregard all the covers minus one.
This is a pain in the ass for keeping an original backup and also makes the folder structure look really ugly.
Now if you want to keep clean folder structure (e.g image attached) you have to manually one by one extract the archive to a folder copying its name which takes a lot more time.
This is nit picky as hell, but it would be a massive annoyance for anyone trying to keep the library offline in future.

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Comments: 1

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